About Us


Where did Empty Wallet Productions stem from?

Ever tried putting on your own show? Exactly… Prepare to be broke AF by the end.

What’s your plan?

We’re two creative millennials living in London- when have you ever met any of them with a plan? Keep walking and leave us to cry panicked tears into our overpriced flat whites.

Okay, so you don’t have a plan but what’s your vision and ethos?

Alright, alright, since you asked… The vision is simple: Keep making work. Better work. Work which ultimately moves people- Individually. Collectively.

We could give you the spiel about how we intend to push boundaries, ask questions, be bold, innovative and ground-breaking, but we hate bullshit, particularly artistic bullshit. You can smell it a mile off. Instead Empty Wallet Productions aims to be refreshingly honest because art is at it’s very core, entertainment. That’s it. All we intend to do is entertain in the only way we know how. Through theatre and film and, if we manage to achieve giving someone a great evening, then as far as we’re concerned we’ve won.